Applications and areas of application

General application

  • For etching, roughening, polishing, matting, sanding, deburring and cleaning rusty or dirty areas

  • In industry and trade, in workshops, for restorations, for precision mechanics, for designers, in the private, hobby and craft sector

  • By adjusting the fiber length, the stiffness of the brush can be adjusted as needed

The textile glass fibre manufactured exclusively for our purposes is not identical with the generally known glass fibre. The fragments of the glass fibre can not be inhaled due to their fiber diameter and are therefore harmless to health!
Fibre fragments, however, can penetrate the skin - this mechanical irritation is harmless. Please wear gloves during use.

All application examples are based on customer and consumer feedback that has already been applied. We therefore always recommend to do a test in a non-visible place.

Glass fibre erasers / Glass fibre brushes


  • Patina and rust removal on surfaces
  • Cleaning and finishing of solder joints
  • Removal of flux
  • Cleaning of battery poles and contact points
  • Removal of residues on glass and ceran fields and persistent residues
  • Polishing of bright gold and polished platinum in porcelain production
  • Polishing and cleaning optical highlights e.g. moldings, door and lock decorations etc.
  • Cleaning of sensitive objects in the field of preservation, restoration and preparation
  • Polishing and cleaning jewelery surfaces e.g. rings, chains, coins and others
  • Polishing and cleaning of surfaces e.g. in narrow corners and columns of bicycle and car rims
  • Abrasion of paint residues in small corners and angles, e.g. windows, doors, gates, etc.
  • Preliminary work of paint damage for subsequent paint work for car smart repair
  • Roughening of adhesive surfaces, leather, wood, etc.
  • Limescale removal in the sanitary area (dry)
  • Cleaning, refreshing and post-processing of tile joints
  • Cleaning sensitive surfaces, e.g. paper, film, foil, tarpaulin


Glass fibrebrushes or glass fibre erasers enable allow the cleaning of many parts made of metal, plastic, glass, porcelain and wood. The sizes from 2 mm up to 50 mm are dimensioned in such a way that spot-precise or area-wide processing of the surface is possible.

Brass wire, stainless steel wire, nylon and natural hair eraser


  • especially suitable for coarser work as well as rougher and moist surfaces
  • for applying flux or cleaning agents

Gold eraser stones


The gold eraser stones are mainly used to remove any incorrect decoration in porcelain painting. Furthermore, small scratches and chafing marks on brushed aluminum and stainless steel sheets and handrails can be retouched.

Glass fibre polishing discs (round brushes)


Our glass fibre polishing wheels are mainly used in the glass and porcelain industry. Here, above all, decorations which are faded through the burning processes are polished to a high gloss.

This is where the outstanding properties of our glass fibre are evident. Solid polishing bodies e.g. brushes made of wire or corundum whetstones are not suitable for polishing, whereas soft polishing agents made of synthetic or natural fibres or polishing with an agate pin (millimeter by millimeter) only lead to the desired result in a very time-consuming manner.

Furthermore, oxidized layers on solder pads and copper, gold and silver foils can be polished to obtain a clean reaction surface.

All application examples are based on customer and consumer feedback that has already been applied.
We therefore always recommend to do a test in a non-visible place.