Product overview

Glass fibre erasers, glass fibre polishing discs, brushes and eraser stones for all applications

Glass fibre erasers and glass fibre brushes

We produce glass fibre eraser and polishing pens in various sizes and colors, with or without embossing (hot embossing) and, depending on customer requirements, with a plastic or metal tip.

Our glass fiber eraser, handy and practical. In addition to its property as an eraser, its outstanding properties in cleaning, derusting, polishing and grinding of the smallest surfaces are appreciated today.

The glass fibre brush is a further development of the glass fibre eraser. While you can use the pen to work on very small surfaces, the glass fiber brush cleans, polishes and grinds larger surfaces.

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Brass and steel wire erasers

Especially with small and filigree handicrafts as in the watch and jewelery industry our brass and steel wire eraser is a perfect helper.

The brass and steel wire eraser complements our product range and is used for cleaning, polishing, grinding, scratching and deburring. Especially with small and filigree handicrafts as in the watch and jewelery industry as well as in the electrical industry our brass and steel wire eraser is a perfect helper.

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Nylon erasers, abrasive nylon & natural hair erasers

Our nylon erasers, abrasive nylon erasers and natural hair erasers are particularly suitable for cleaning and gentle polishing on small areas of metals, wood, natural and artificial materials.

Perfect for gently removing dust and erasure residue, especially our nylon erasers can be used to remove polish residue after car care.

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Glass fibre polishing discs

The vast majority of our glass fibre polishing discs is produced for use in the porcelain and glass industry for the high gloss polishing of faded gold decorations.

Here, the specific polishing properties of our glass fiber stand out. Using our polishing discs, the nature and type of processing allows us to achieve the optimum polishing result in a very short period of time and at the same time work the surface gently and polish economically compared to chemical and mechanical polishing.

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Gold eraser stones

Flawed decorations, which mostly arise in the porcelain factory when painting with gold, can be removed neatly with this eraser.

Thanks to a high-quality binder, the gold eraser stone allows clean and streak-free erasing. In order to enable you to work in accordance with your working processes, we offer our gold eraser stones in two sizes, each in a soft (WA) or hard (HA) version.

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Hot embossing

The sleeves of our writing pens can be printed with one's own logo, lettering or advertising inscription depending on the customer's request.

The customization possibilities are almost unlimited. We have a large number of differently colored embossing foils at our disposal and can optimally combine pen colors and font colors to achieve a result that is optimally tailored to your requirements.

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